2019 The 5th International Symposium on Hydrogen Energy, Renewable Energy and Materials (HEREM 2019)
Call for Papers

Hydrogen Energy
Catalysts and Hydrogen Dtorage
Transportation and Aerospace Applications
Hydrogen Production and Delivery
Solar Hydrogen and Renewable Hydrogen
Bio Hydrogen and Bio Gasification
Electrolysis and Electrolyzers
Fuel Cell Technology
Chemical Carriers and Hydrides
Fuel Cell Systems Modelling
Hydrogen Systems Modelling
Infrastructure Systems Modelling

Materials Science
New metal materials
pharmaceutical products
New Energy Materials
Environmental coordination materials
Biomedical Materials
Polymer and Composite Materials
Ceramic materials
Functional Materials
Microelectronic materials
Materials Processing Technology
Other related fields

Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Hermodynamics Process Biochemistry
Transport Phenomena
Chemical Reaction Kinetics
Chemical Engineering
Electrochemical Engineering
Interfacial phenomena

Renewable Energy
Photovoltaic Systems and Solar Energy Engineering
Wind Energy Systems
Renewable Energy Utilizations
New Energy Applications
Energy-Saving Technology
New Energy Materials and Devices